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USAF Defenders in Afghanistan defended isolated FOB 07-17-2014

On July 17, 2014, 44 security forces Airmen from the 439th Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron, 438th Air Expeditionary Group, NATO Air Training Command-Afghanistan defended isolated FOB OQAB from insurgents that took up a fighting position 350 yards away, launched over 20 rocket propelled grenades, fired PKM and AK-47 machine guns, and detonated a vehicle borne IED and suicide vests. The Airmen fired more than 3000 rounds from M-4, M-240, and M-203 weapons and communicated with multiple coalition operation centers contributing to the elimination of the enemy insurgents and resulting in zero coalition or ANSF casualties.

140721-F-SE988-001 140721-F-SE988-002 140721-F-SE988-003 140721-F-SE988-004 140721-F-SE988-005 140721-F-SE988-006 140721-F-SE988-008

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  1. mike rollings says:

    Great job! Very proud of my brothers and sisters.

  2. Lt Col Gerald Mulhollen says:

    I am so proud and honored to have served with more than 14 of those outstanding Defenders. I wish I could be there when they all get home. Defenders! Lock and Load!
    Get home safe after the mission is complete.

    Very Proud!!!!!

    Lt Col (Ret) Mulhollen

    • Dave Schuessler says:

      I’ll bet this makes you one very proud former commander of the West Coast Warriors! Our guys are the absolute best! God Bless & protect them all.

    • SSgt Williams says:

      Lt Col Mulhollen… The greatest and most influential commanders i have ever had. I plan to follow your leadership qualities and apply them if i get accepted to commissioning.

  3. Mayra says:

    We are so proud of all you do for our country. Be safe.

  4. Michael says:

    Am so proud that the USAF SF is in such good hands now! Your doing us SP’s proud!!!

  5. anna moore says:

    very proud of you ALL!

  6. shaun says:

    As a former CATM troop I am happy that instincts took over and these great Defenders stepped up when needed. The rest of the military community has no idea the work these ladies and gentleman put into there skills and profession. I am glad to call myself a defender to this day because I’ve had the opportunity to work side by side and vow bloodshed for freedom with defenders just like this. Great job Defendors…hua!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lee Beausoleil, CMSgt, (ret) says:

    Defenders, very proud of you and all Defenders standing watch every day.

  8. Karen says:

    Way to go Defenders! What a great tribute to your skill and training. Be safe and be proud of everything you do for your country, and more importantly, for your fellow Defenders.

  9. CMSgt (Ret) Patrick Russ says:

    So proud of all the SF defenders. Especially proud on my son MSgt Kristopher Russ who SF Operations super for OQAB FOB.

  10. T.S. Tucker says:

    Semper Fi from this old Marine. My son is a defender and been deployed several times. Keep up your great work

  11. Mike Diercks says:

    As a retired SP it does my heart good to know that the Blue Beret is in good hands. Great job to all
    Were proud of you all

  12. Stonewall says:

    Excellent work! Now, take those experiences and lessons learned and share them! Very few Defenders have trigger time and they need to know what it’s like from a BTDT. Don’t return to your base and try to put it out of your head; return with honor and confidence, not arrogance, and pass on what you gained from this experience.

    Great job giving it to the enemy and keeping your brothers and sisters safe. You have done what so few have had the opportunity to do. Pass it on!

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